TUNISIAN SHIPPING AGENCY is considered one of the pioneers of international transport and Transit in all Tunisian Ports operating since 1971.
TUNISIAN SHIPPING AGENCY is part of the holding company built by MR. Mohamed BEN SEDRINE with patience, selflessness and creative will.

TUNISIAN SHIPPING AGENCY, founded by Mr. Mohamed Ben Sedrine who, with his creative will, his perseverance and his professionalism, was able to succeed in several fields.Mr. Mohamed Ben Sedrine is the first private shipowner in Tunisia, member of the Board of Directors of the Office of Civil Aviation and Airports, EX President of the National Federation of Transport, EX Permanent President of UTICA (Tunisian Employers).Other than international transport, and as part of his diversification strategy, he joined the hospitality, healthcare and textile sectors.He is also administrator at the Arab Tunisian Bank, EX Member of the Board of Directors of the National Social Security Fund, EX President of the Tunisian-British Chamber, and EX Senator.



Mr. Mohamed Ben Sedrine is all of this at the same time put through a syncretism of which he alone knows how to enhance the dosages.
TUNISIAN SHIPPING AGENCY is managed by his son MR. HEIKEL BEN SEDRINE former President of the National Chamber of Shipping Agents under the aegis of Tunisian employers for 10 years, former Member of the Board of the Office of Merchant Marine and Ports, shareholder in Tunisia Trade Net (TTN ) whose role is to dematerialize customs procedures between all transport operators and to process the various import and export electronical formalities.
The perfect mastery of TUNISIAN SHIPPING AGENCY in the chain of port services and end-to-end transport and its privileged relations with all parties involved in the transport fields as well as the reputation of TUNISIAN SHIPPING AGENCY with financial institutions have enabled it to guarantee to its customers and partners quality services: necessary study of the requirement and advice, optimization of procedures, efficient coordination, cost control in terms of logistics and organization and security of deadlines.
TUNISIAN SHIPPING AGENCY extends its activities in the framework of the holding company to the fields of airfreight, transit (bonded warehouse), road transport, logistics, project cargo storage, breakbulk, hotels, private polyclinics, and also textiles and agri-food.
TUNISIAN SHIPPING AGENCY provides all types of transport (air, land, sea) as well as oversized cargoes to Libya and Algeria.



• To meet requirement of its customers.

• To undertake exemplary performances.

• Ensure both consignment operations and those relating to multimodal transport (air, land, sea).

• To ensure customs clearance for both export and import.

• Note that, if the volume of freight handled requires, TUNISIAN SHIPPING AGENCY is able to set up a customs clearance and storage area (store both under customs and on-shore).

• To perform transport of goods throughout the national territory.

• Exceptional convoys are also carried out by TUNISIAN SHIPPING AGENCY.

• Provide logistical solutions

• Speed up innovation and digitization

TUNISIAN SHIPPING AGENCY combines the sense of Professionalism, honesty, respect and responsibility