TUNISIAN SHIPPING AGENCY, Leader of the Private Consignees of Ships has assisted for many years several ships specialized in the BREAKBULK.

In this connection TUNISIAN SHIPPING AGENCY was the Agent in Tunisia of the Ship-owner “SEATRADE” who ensured the maritime transport of the majority of the cargoes of seeds potatoes discharged in many Tunisian Ports especially Bizerta.

TUNISIAN SHIPPING AGENCY is also specialized in the assistance of ships known in the transport of breakbulk cargoes of all sizes which have called at Tunisian Ports (PORTS OF LA GOULETTE / SOUSSE / ZARZIS / BIZERTE) coming from EUROPE but also from neighbors countries like LYBIA, Algeria, the Gulf countries etc…

TUNISIAN SHIPPING AGENCY has also assisted cargoes destined to big factories in Tunisia with the particularity of Oversize packages which required exceptional unloading on shore equipment in both Tunisia and Libya.

The oil sites in Tunisia have also been supplied by TUNISIAN SHIPPING AGENCY as ships agent with plant and equipment from the Ports of the United States and in particular from Houston, which has ensured TUNISIAN SHIPPING AGENCY’s reputation as ships agent specialized of all equipment.

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